Our Objective

Self-care Wellness Groups are psycho-educational groups that connect mental health concepts to participants' experiences and daily lives. Groups can be tailored to fit the needs of the business, community, or school being served (e.g., a business may want an eight-week series, while a school may want a six-week series to match its term schedule). The curriculum allows participants to learn, understand, and utilize tools to improve their well-being. The groups include data collection, analysis, summarization, and recommendations report services for each consumer. These reports are also highlighted during Community Leaders Forums. Piloted cohorts of Black men, women, and middle and high school students were included in the 2023 initial piloted program.

Key Features

Co-facilitated by licensed mental health counselors, a case manager, and peer support/BA in a related field, who work directly with the community being served.
Clinical referrals to mental health counseling
Customized cohort groups by topic, length (six groups minimum), location, and time of day. Number of group facilitators depends on the number of participants.
Curriculum- 12 group sessions (e.g., anxiety, depression, grief and loss, self-care, etc.)
Groups are 90 minutes and host 10-20 people in size (anything over that number is an event that will require a different group format).
Detailed Impact Reporting- Psychological Measures (e.g., anxiety, depression, PTSD, wellness outcome measures, etc.), Registration, Group Evaluations, and Surveys are some ways to measure impact data points.
Self-care experiences are built into the group format. Self-care vendors (e.g., massage, aroma therapy, etc.)

Impact 2023:

Approximately 300 people impacted
Able to service 2/3 (60 students) of the 2023 Freshman Academy Class at Grace James Academy of Excellence (JCPS)
Hosted several community groups (Black men, women, youth & LGBTQ+)
Impacted two business employee groups
30+ Mental Health Counseling Referrals
Outcome Data Collected
Partnered with a non-profit (Louisville Urban League) to grant fund custom CSP program ($300k+)